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Clinic Services

   Clinic Staff


The Clinic is staffed with a variety of licensed professionals.  There are MDs, DOs, Nurse Practitioners, PAs, MSU Interns, RNs, Pharmacists and other health related professionals.  The Clinic has a Medical Director, Clinic Director, Registered Pharmacist, RNs, and other support staff as needed.  We have partnerships with other community agencies such as DHHS, Pines and Promedica Regional Hospital.




               The Clinic services are open to all Branch County residents that qualify:

                    *Must be a Branch County resident

                    *Must Have a Michigan Driver’s License or Michigan Photo ID

                    *Must have proof of income such as Federal Tax 1040, or Social Security Annual

                      statement or several paycheck stubs 

                    *Will consider special circumstances.

                    *Please use your Medicaid and Medicare first for your health care



    Nurse Assessment


An RN will complete a nursing assessment.  The assessment may include a review of your medical history and current medications. The nurse may take blood pressure

and blood glucose levels.  After discussion of presenting clinical issues, the patient will be escorted to the pharmacy for medication refill, new prescriptions or wait to be seen by the doctor.




               The patient may receive medication from our pharmacy supply.  For more costly medications,

application may be made to a “Patient Assistance Program,” directly from the pharmaceutical company.  After qualifying for these plans, the medications are shipped to the clinic and then dispensed to the patient at no cost.  The doctor may prescribe a new medication or renew prescriptions as needed.



    Lab Work


The clinic may refer patients that need lab work to Promedica as needed.  There is no cost to the patient.




The Clinic can refer the patient for X-rays but Promedica provides the x-ray, but there may be charges for the radiologist’s fee.





    Mental Health


               The Clinic has a representative from Pines Behavioral from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

          The representative can answer question about anxiety or other mental health issues.

          They may also be able to refer the patient to outside agencies.  Substance Use issues

           can be addressed with the Pines representative.





               Our Clinic funding has been an ongoing partnership with state and local stakeholders.

The Clinic has been blessed with great local support from service clubs, churches, banks, memorial gifts and private donations.

     Our clinic writes grants to receive needed money from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (12 yrs.), Branch County United Way (16 yrs.) Branch County Foundation (10 yrs.), State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (10 yrs.) and Branch County Swap Meet and Car Show (5 yrs.).

     We appreciate all the donations and memorials that have been received since 2002.

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